Enjoys being independent

This year is a big year for Timothy. It’s his first year of high school. Timothy contracted Meningitis as an infant, which resulted in hearing loss and Cerebral Palsy. Now 14 years old, Timothy has expressed an interest in becoming more independent. “He wants to do a lot of things on his own now. He will go to the fridge and get his own drinks or snack. He likes to pick out his own clothes,” said his mom, Patty. “It is a newfound sense of independence and he loves it!” Timothy loves to watch old comedic movies and stand-up comedy acts. His favourite is Jeff Dunham. “He laughs so hard he almost pees himself,” his mom said, while laughing herself. “It makes me feel so relieved to see him so happy. I told the doctor’s when Timothy was 18 months old that they were wrong about him. I said he would be able to do all the things the doctor said he wouldn’t and now he is.” His mom said Grandview always listened to the goals she set out for her son. “They never deterred him. They were never skeptical of what he could accomplish. Grandview has been the biggest help in getting Timothy to where he is today.”