Learning to ride a scooter

Owen is a happy kid who loves Spider Man, his big sister and has a contagious smile. Owen has a rare medical condition called Kleefstra syndrome – he’s one of only about 300 people in the world with it. When diagnosed in 2010, his parents were warned that Owen may never walk or talk. Now eight years old, Owen is speaking in sentences and taking part in sports like taekwando and soccer. “Where he used to just watch the kids play, now he has learned to ask to play with them,” explained his mom, Andrea. “He plays soccer with his friends now. He can’t keep up enough to be on a team, but he loves interacting in sport.” His mom says that taekwondo has taught him patience and listening skills. His balance has improved so much that he can now stand on one foot to kick. He’s currently learning to ride a scooter and always loves to dance to his favourite music. “We’re so proud of how far he’s come”, Andrea says. “He’s learned so much, we can’t wait to see how much farther he’ll go.”