A caring friend to animals

Molly’s personality has evolved since the Believe Campaign three years ago. Her mom, Erin McPhedran said communication has been her biggest improvement. Molly has gone from saying about two dozen single words to speaking in full sentences and carrying on conversations with her family and friends. “We didn’t realize she had such a sense of humour,” said Erin. “She doesn’t speak just for the purpose of having her needs met. She enjoys it. She loves telling jokes and making us laugh.” Molly has a newfound love of horseback riding. She takes part in therapeutic riding and loves interacting with the horses and helping to take care of them.She's also gone way outside her comfort zone by participating in ice-skating lessons. Molly just started grade five this year and when she’s not at school, has been spending time with her new dog, Tucker. “She exceeded our expectations and her own,” said her mom.