Cerebral Palsy

Amanda didn’t know what true independence would feel like until she got behind the wheel of her car for the first time, alone. “I love driving. I don’t know what I would do without it. I’m always on the go now. Driving alone, it’s just like, no noise. I can listen to my own radio station. I feel so confident,” she said. Amanda is a G2 licensed driver. It was a long process for her to get to this point. Diagnosed with Spastic left hemiparesis cerebral palsy, Amanda had to undergo assessments to have her vehicle modified and take driving lessons to make sure she was able to use the equipment installed. “I’m super comfortable now. The device helps me for turning,” she explained. Aside from driving, Amanda has accomplished another great achievement; graduating from college with honours. She completed the Communications Integration through Co-Operative Education course at Durham College and has plans to continue her schooling at the University of Guelph with the Equine Management course in hopes of becoming a Barn Manager. “My big passion is horses,” she said.