Your virtual ((hug)) will help Grandview Kids to provide service delivery through short-term innovation, while also strengthening our capacity to meet the long-term needs of kids in Durham Region. Our current demand exceeds 19,000 children and youth with more than 11,00 waiting for services. Grandview staff has continued to work remotely since March 18th, offering teletherapy services, online workshops, and urgent care (6,275 appointments have been offered so far!).

Barb & Gary Malach

Big hugs go out to the Grandview Kids and all those who are helping them. Keep up the good work!

Cindy Walsh

A hug to my Mom on Mother’s Day In support of the kids and those who work so hard to make their lives better ❤️

Avori Cheyne

Sending a virtual hug as sweet as this one! We can’t wait to get back to normal as soon as it’s safe to do so. Kudos to the Grandview team for continuing to support families!

Dr. Carolyn Hunt

Thank you Grandview to all our donors, and staff and families. A big “home beach party/making the best of it” hug from my family to yours.

Sarah Skrabek

David Toswell

Hugs for Hayley

Janet Isaac

BIG HUGS to all! Stay Safe and Healthy

Aunt B & Uncle Nate

We miss you guys! Sending lot's of love your way.

The Reid Family

Sending a hug to all front line heroes. Thank you for keeping us healthy, safe and fed.

Denise Jones

The Best Place in The World is Inside a Hug -- J. Quest  Hugs to all XO

Nancy Exworth

Keep up the good work!

Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann

Sending a massive hug out to everyone. We miss you so much.

Brandy Reid

Sending a virtual hug your way. Happy Birthday Mom! Can’t wait until we can see each other and celebrate! Love you xo Brandy

Cate McPhee

Let all you do be done in love. Sending virtual hugs to all!

Brandy Reid

Sending a big virtual hug to each and every one of our Grandview Children’s Foundation donors, volunteers, friends, families and staff members. I miss you all!

Brigitte Tschinkel

Thank you to our caring community and our Grandview staff team for making a difference everyday. HUGE virtual hugs to our kids and our families. I’m incredibly proud to be a part of #TeamGrandview

Bobbi Penney

Thank you to everyone in our community who is helping to keep things running smoothly. I'm so grateful for your hard work.

Andrea Belanger

Missing all my Grandview friends and family, can not wait until we can see each other in person again!

Lily Baggio

Thanks Grandview for looking after all the kids.

Allison Baggio

Sending this hug out to all Grandview families stuck at home waiting for this to be over. We'll get through this together! Better days are ahead . . .