(Grandview kids are unstoppable!)

Holly is Living Her Best Life . . .

Holly’s mom Kristen brought her to Grandview Children’s Centre when she was 18 months old. Holly wasn’t saying any words and Kristen was concerned. Holly received speech therapy at Grandview, and soon enough, the words came. After being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Holly also received occupational therapy that helped her practice the activities of […]

A Good Deed for Grandview Kids!

Grandview kid, Faith, has always enjoyed watching sports and plays whatever she is able to (including baseball and basketball!). She’s also been involved with the Whitby Wolves Peewee A hockey team as a cheerleader, which has given her a huge sense of belonging and accomplishment. Her team recently did a VERY GOOD deed for Grandview […]

Meet Erica and her five Grandview kids

After her son Jackson was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age two, Erica —a single mother of six—learned that four of her other children also had neurological differences. According to Erica, receiving diagnoses for five children that included social anxiety, ADHD, selective mutism, developmental coordination disorder, and dyslexia, initially made her feel lost and overwhelmed. […]

Amazing Daniella on Global News!

A BIG shout out to Grandview kid, Daniella. Being diagnosed with cerebral palsy hasn’t stopped this teen from crushing goals. From climbing a mountain (yes!) to becoming the girl who inspired a new Barbie doll. Daniella is amazing! What advice does Daniella have for accomplishing your goals? “When you have bad days, never give up!” […]

Shayaan dreams of driving a car

Shayaan was born without arms but learned to do almost everything he needed to do on his own–including eat, write with a pencil, and play video games! He’s always been an active boy who loves playing soccer with his friends and swimming. As he’s grown older, Shayaan has developed other medical conditions that have made […]

An Inspiring Swim for Grandview Kids

William is only eight-years-old but he’s already become a fundraising champion for the Grandview Kids. Last summer, William decided he wanted to swim across the lake at his family’s trailer in Haliburton as a way to raise money for all the kids who come to Grandview. You see, William’s little brother is a Grandview Kid—he […]


Timothy contracted Meningitis as an infant, which resulted in hearing loss and Cerebral Palsy. He attended Campbell’s Children’s School at Grandview, and also participated in speech, occupational, and physical therapies at the Centre as he grew. Although his parents were once told that he might not talk or be able to take care of himself, […]


When Danielle was only 18-months-old, her mom Donna noticed that her legs had turned in and she wasn’t walking. Donna took her to Grandview Kids, where she met with a pediatrician as well as a speech therapist, physiotherapist, and occupational therapist. Daniella was soon diagnosed with cerebral palsy and from that day forward, was at […]


Andrew had a rough start to life, but he’s always been a trooper. Born at only 26 weeks, he came into the world with numerous health problems including five serious heart issues, periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), and lung issues. His initial prognosis was pretty bad. His parents were told that he would never talk, walk, eat, […]


Because of her diagnosis of autism, Molly has spent a lot of time evolving her personality and expanding her communication skills over the years. Grandview Children’s Centre has helped Molly by providing speech language therapy, occupational therapy, and ABA-based Autism Services. Molly’s mom Erin has enjoyed seeing her daughter exceed expectations. “We didn’t realize she […]


Diagnosed with Kleefstra Syndrome at age one, Owen’s parents were told that there was a good chance he might never walk or talk. After years of hard work alongside Grandview’s team of therapists, staff, and volunteers, Owen has completely altered those expectations and is now living as his very best self. At 10 years old, […]



Dancing his way to tomorrow


Wants to be a firefighter


Enjoys crafts and fashion


Hopes to become a teacher


Happy volunteering


Always ready for sports


Finds joy in music


Dreams of driving a car


Wants to help others


Loves making people laugh


Enjoys being independent


Loves good food and Disney