Our Kids

For so many Grandview Kids and their families there is no quick fix. They are on a thousand step journey on a road with many bumps, twists, ups and downs. Each achievement, each victory, each time they defy the odds, moves them further along life’s path. Grandview is thrilled and honoured to share the journey with these incredible kids and their families.
And we invite you along too.


Big Time Believer

Compassionate to the core, he loves animals. It’s no surprise that we have six pets including two friendly rats. A baseball fanatic and avid reader, he adores computers and makes friends wherever he goes.


Finding Strength
by Helping Others

At seven, Kaysan is the oldest of our three awesome sons in our VERY active household. Happy and playful, he would literally live in the pool if we let him. Kaysan also has Autism. Every morning like clockwork he asks if we can go to either Chuck E. Cheese’s or Mexico. What a choice.


ZOEY - The Right Amount
of Sass


Zoey packs a lot of sass into her tiny three-year-old body topped with pig-tails. Comfortingly, it will serve her well.



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