The purpose of this section of the policy is to establish criteria related to the fundraising initiatives and activities of the Foundation.


Donor Requests


The Foundation appreciates the contributions made by its donors and acknowledges the importance and impact that donors have on the ongoing success of the Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to cultivating its relationship with donors and ensuring that donors remain satisfied.

The Foundation is committed to honouring donor and prospective donor requests to (i) limit the frequency of contact; (ii) not be contacted by telephone or other technology; (iii) receive printed material concerning the Foundation; and (iv) discontinue contact.

Foundation staff should record requests to ensure that they are honoured.


Donor Lists


The Foundation does not lend, exchange, rent, or sell its donor list.


Donor Privacy


Donors will have the opportunity to indicate that they wish to have their charitable donation be considered anonymous. The Foundation will honour all donor requests to remain anonymous. This includes requests to remain anonymous in terms of (i) the amount of the donor’s contribution, and (ii) having his or her name publically released as a supporter of the Foundation.

The donor’s request for anonymity will be recorded by Foundation staff and adhered to by all Foundation employees and volunteers. Having indicated a desire for anonymity, a donor may request a change to allow recognition of a donation. This request must be made in writing.


Independent Advice


The Foundation encourages donors to seek independent advice if the proposed gift is a planned gift (e.g. a bequest by will, a gift of securities, a gift of life insurance, a charitable remainder trust, a gift of a residual interest and a charitable gift annuity). Donors are also encouraged to seek independent advice if the proposed gift might significantly affect the donor’s financial position, taxable income, or relationship with other family members. Independent advice can include advice from lawyers, financial experts, estate planning professionals and close family members.


Naming Opportunities


The Foundation offers opportunities to certain donors to associate their name with an aspect of the Foundation. The Foundation Board of Directors may (subject to consultation with and approval/confirmation from the Chief Executive Officer of Grandview Children’s Centre and/or the Centre’s Board of Directors) permit the naming of a physical space, activity program, endowment, piece of equipment and the like, in honour of a donor. This recognition is at the discretion of the Board of Directors and will be granted for a duration of time to be determined at the time the naming opportunity is formally recognized. In the case of the new Grandview Children’s Centre and physical spaces within the new Centre, the Foundation Board of Directors will approve recommended levels of funding to secure a naming opportunity, subject to the review and approval of the Grandview Children’s Centre Board of Directors and/ or the Chief Executive Officer of Grandview Children’s Centre.


Individuals and organizations to whom a naming opportunity has been given by the Foundation will exemplify attributes of integrity and civic leadership and their public image must be consistent with the mission, vision, and values of the Foundation. If, in the opinion of the Foundation Board of Directors, a donor has violated these standards, the Board of Directors may remove the donor’s name from the naming opportunity.


Behaviours of Fundraising


All fundraising activities conducted by or on behalf of the Foundation must (i) be truthful; (ii) accurately describe the Foundation’s activities; (iii) disclose the Foundation’s name; (iv) disclose the purpose for which funds are requested; (v) disclose the Foundation’s policy with respect to issuing official income tax receipts including any policy on minimum amounts for which a receipt will be issued; and (vi) disclose, upon request, whether the individual or entity seeking donations is a volunteer, employee or contracted third party.