The Foundation is committed to responding in a prompt and respectful manner to any complaints or concerns received from our donors and/or the general public.




Donors include current, past and prospective donors and any individual, company or group with an interest in the work of the Foundation.

General publicincludes any individual or group from the community at large who has filed an expression of concern.

Complaint includes any received expression of dissatisfaction on the part of an individual, company or group related to the actions of the Foundation.




It is expected that the majority of complaints or concerns will be administrative matters that the Executive Director of Development is in a position to address immediately and to the complainant’s satisfaction within the existing systems in place in the Foundation. These may include, among other possibilities, a request to limit the number of solicitations annually, to discontinue solicitations, to correct an address or other contact information, to request that the donor not be solicited by telephone, to request information, or to inquire as to the status of a receipt. The Foundation staff person handling the complaint will ensure that the necessary procedures are followed to address the complaint.


As a matter of operational principle, any complaints will be immediately referred to the Executive Director of Development, and, if still unresolved, to the Chair of the Board. In the event that a complainant remains dissatisfied after being referred to the Executive Director of Development, the complainant will be informed that an appeal may be made in writing to the Foundation’s Board of Directors, addressed to the Chair of the Board of the Foundation.


In the event of a complaint about or relating to the Executive Director of Development, any such complaint (including if the complaint is made directly to the Executive Director of Development) must be immediately referred to the Foundation Chair.




This procedure provides the guidelines for addressing a complaint to the Foundation.


  1. An acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint will be made within five business days. The determination of the Foundation will be provided to the complainant in writing within ten business days of the date of the receipt of the written complaint.
  2. All contact information required by a complainant to move the complaint to the next level will be provided without prejudice by the Executive Director of Development.
  3. Complaints or concerns that are of an administrative matter may be considered events requiring simple quantitative tracking. Complaints of a more substantive nature – including subsequent complaints from the same complainant on the same matter, and complainants not immediately satisfied with the resolution proposed – will be documented in writing and the complainant will have access to such documentation.
  4. The Executive Director of Development will provide the Foundation Board of Directors with an annual report of all documented complaints and their outcomes, including, where appropriate, changes to systems or procedures taken to reduce the incidence of similar complaints in the future.