Spring Market spectaculair! How one person inspired many to raise $2,446 by hosting a fundraising event in support of Grandview Kids

Do you ever wonder, “how can I help Grandview Kids”? Jeanine wondered the same after her son received Grandview Kids’ life-changing therapeutic services.” They truly changed our lives, and I was so inspired by what Grandview did for our family that I wanted to host a fundraiser to help support the life-changing work and magic that Team Grandview spreads to thousands of families around the Durham Region.” says Jeanine.

Jeanine Inspired Many Vendors

Jeanine’s inspiration and belief in Grandview Kids were contagious. She managed to organize more than 30 vendors to support her Spring Market, including woodworking vendors, jewelry vendors, Scentsy, and many others. Jeanine even recruited high school students to come to volunteer and run the games for everyone who came. 

The Spring Market Was a Huge Success!

“It was truly a reflection of the infectious joy that comes with the Grandview connection. It feels like a family, like that village that comes together to support kids who deserve to embrace all the opportunities ahead for them,” says Jeanine.

Jeanine’s Spring Market was a huge success! Even that terrible storm that rocked the region couldn’t stop Jeanine and her force for good. With the help of her friends, supporters, and volunteers, this event raised an incredible $2,446 for Grandview Kids! Her event was such a hit that she’s planning another one. Please stay up to date with all the fundraising festivities in our community to support Grandview Kids. 

Students volunteering in the free children’s games area at the Spring Market

These peer-to-peer community events are meaningful to us, and because of people like Jeanine, Grandview Kids can continue providing services that change lives every day. “It’s incredible how many people are connected to Grandview Kids. Anyone I talk to always says, ” Wow, my son went there, my niece goes there, my granddaughter went to Grandview, or I’m a Grandview graduate,” says new Grandview Kids Foundation Communications and Marketing Manager, Andy Shierson. “This event was a perfect example of the impact and power of collective and collaborative community.”

More than 30 Vendors came out to support Jeanine’s Spring Market! Check them all out below.

Amazing fundraising ideas like using QR codes at an in-person event for an online portion of the auction!

Community Vendors 

  • Biology- Pierrette Marshall
  • Norwex, Epicure – Kim Marrison 
  • Epicure – Taryn Moffatt 
  • Galaxy Pearls – Krystal Kelly
  • Small Town Custom Co – Hailey Smith
  • Jackie’s All Natural Healthy homemade products- Jackie Partyka 
  • GelMoment & 31 bags and totes – Jennifer Morgan 
  • The Crafty Chug – Nicole MacDonald 
  • Bull Dog TV- Bill MacDonald 
  • Marshall Financial – Karl Marshall 
  • JRS Pet Bakery – Sarah Wilson
  • Sunset Gourmet – Jeanine Tomina 
  • Scentsy – Jeanine Tomina & Jenna Cosway 
  • Tupperware- Ana Felker & Darlene Bamrah
  • Glitter Designs – Paulina Bogusz
  • Majestic Creations – Jessica Coleman 
  • Walker Head lawyer Firm and others 
  • SeneGence – Sarah Acres
  • Birds Num-Nums – Danny Rice
  • Olde Elm Street – Barb Milbrandt 
  • Think Goodness – Jen Noble 
  • Anne Marie Custome Signs – Anne Marie McGraw
  • All My Love Collection – Brittney Lipka
  • Sweet Legs – Kathleen Piggott 
  • Triple-A Jerk – Ashlee Ferri
  • Mary Kay – Carol Montero 
  • Tasha’s Geeky Charm – Natasha Evelyn 
  • Sean Belyea – Entwood Canada
  • Reborn Creations- Renee Flood-Martel 
  • Pour Lisa – Lisa Zimmerman
  • Limelife – Sarah Hanna
  • Divine Hidden Gems – Lauren Skinner 
  • Crochet Friendzy – Sarah Pazienza
  • There were also has several donations from anonymous donors such as Donna Sickinger

How Can You Host Your Own Fundraiser?

Are you feeling inspired and motivated to host your fundraiser? Below are some ideas to get you started, and feel free to check out this article with some other awesome fundraising ideas! Find examples below and get creative with how you want to support Grandview Kids. The opportunities are limitless. 

  • Sports Tournaments 
  • Get your local gym involved. 
  • Birthday bash fundraiser (link to Dom’s article) 
  • Declutter your house and make some sales on Facebook Marketplace, then donate proceeds to Grandview Kids
  • Video game tournament – shout out to your favourite gamers and see if they respond to you. Let’s set up a gaming tournament! 
  • Markets, food truck frenzies, 
  • Get your school involved.
  • Get your work involved with dress-down days and donate funds to Grandview Kids. 

And check out this fantastic event hosted by one of Grandview Kids’ close friends, Domenic Albis, owner of Avantis. Domenic chose to celebrate his 50th birthday by hosting an epic fundraising party at the Biltmore Theatre with DJs and special guest performances, all in support of Grandview Kids. His goal is to raise $50K! Get inspired and host your own fundraising event this summer and help Grandview Kids live life at their full potential!

Jeanine and her son with their cheque presentation.