Update on Grandview Kid, Rudra

For many years, Grandview Kids has followed the progress of one incredible Grandview Kid, Rudra. Today, Rudra is eight-years-old and loves video games, gardening, learning about the solar system, and playing with his new kitten. He is ready to throw down a dance challenge.

A diagnosis of arthrogryposis, which limits the range of motion and function of his legs, means that Rudra has been in physiotherapy at Grandview Kids since he was very young. As Rudra has grown, he has become a bit more self-conscious about his physical differences. Rudra recently told his mom, Monjuri, that he is “jealous of the legs of his friends, because they can do anything they like.”

The many months at home have meant that Rudra has been sitting more, which isn’t a   weight-bearing activity he needs. To counter-act this change, he’s been using a stander for a few hours a day, which puts him into a standing position in front of his computer screen. Rudra is also in consultation for a potential surgery on his knees in the near future, which would be extremely beneficial to his movement. This possibility is bringing Monjuri a lot of hope for the future.

Throughout the pandemic, Rudra is continued to be supported by his Grandview Kids physiotherapist through virtual appointments and discussions with Monjuri to help answer any questions. Monjuri also stays connected with other Grandview Kids parents using the OPS Facebook page, which she finds very helpful when trying to learn how to do new things. For Rudra, Grandview Kids has always been a safe place where people have time for him, listen to him, and encourage him. “He’s being coming to Grandview Kids since he was only one-year-old,” says Monjuri. “He really trusts everyone at Grandview, because they know the best, and safest way, to help Rudra achieve his goals.”

Catch a glimpse of Rudra’s journey as a Grandview Kid on our YouTube Channel:

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