Riley in the Kitchen

Riley has been a client at Grandview Kids since she was a baby. Now, 11-years-old and in Grade 5, Riley uses the skills she learned during occupational therapy to help her follow her biggest passion – cooking! 

When asked what she’s made lately, Riley will give you a pretty extensive list, including chicken wings (for her dad!), mac and cheese, chicken, pasta and egg bites. She’s been able to expand on her cooking experience during the lockdown, using her time at home to accomplish more and more in the kitchen.

Riley’s mom is thankful for the Grandview Kids therapy that helped Riley get to where she is today. After receiving a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, Riley spent many years at Grandview Kids participating in therapy. “It was a gradual process,” says Kim. “But occupational therapy exercises that included gripping, pulling, putting weight on her hands and stretching made a real difference to Riley.”

Riley now continues her therapy in the kitchen, without even realizing she’s working on it. In order to prepare food, she must practice activities, such as holding the bowl with two hands and gripping the utensils. “We’re always reminding her to also use her left hand,” says Kim. “In the kitchen, she is more aware of what she is doing when she has to do things like stir on the stove. She’s proud of herself when she’s able to complete a task.”

Riley would love to become a chef someday, and even chose a chef’s hat as the design for her custom Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO). Your support helps Grandview Kids like Riley to follow their dreams for the future. Thank you for believing!