Making Progress During the Pandemic

Rajani has twin boys who are both Grandview Kids. Six-year-old Sharvin has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and hearing loss. His brother, Arvin, also has a diagnosis of hearing loss, as well as autism. Together, they’ve used almost every service and therapy that Grandview Kids has to offer in order to live life to their full potential.

When COVID-19 hit last March, Rajani didn’t know what would happen next for her family. The thought of keeping both boys inside for so long was very overwhelming.

I was so scared,” she says. “The boys had been very active at school and with their occupational and physical therapy appointments with Grandview Kids. I was worried they were going to lose all the progress they’d achieved so far.”

The first three weeks of quarantine were the most difficult, but slowly, the family figured out a schedule that worked for them. Because of donors like you, Grandview Kids was there during this time to offer compassionate support to Rajani, Sharvin and Arvin.

Between them, Grandview Kids Arvin and Sharvin have been diagnosed with
CP, autism, and hearing loss.

Our Grandview therapists and paediatrician all called to check in,” says Rajani. “Whenever I asked how I could improve the care I give to my sons, they always had suggestions and resources to help me.”

 Although several Grandview Kids locations are open again for safe, in-person visits, Arvin and Sharvin have chosen to receive therapy virtually since March. They are also doing virtual learning, but look forward to returning to their school so they can once again receive services from Grandview Kids through the School-based Rehabilitation program.

Until the world goes back to normal, these two boys—along with thousands of other Grandview kids in need of services—will keep interacting with our staff in new and unique ways. “The Grandview Kids therapists are always there to embrace parents,” says Rajani. “They taught us to always have hope and never give up.

You can help other kids like Arvin ad Sharvin to receive the help they need to continue progressing during the pandemic, by making a donation now.