The Durham Divas — Part of the Grandview Family!

Like many other groups, the Durham Divas Motorcycle Group was forced to make an unfortunate cancellation in 2020. Because of the pandemic, they were unable to go ahead with the 13th Annual Sylvia’s Ride in support of Grandview Kids. That didn’t stop them from adding to the $27,335 cumulative donation they have made over the last several years.

We are so glad to have the incredible sisterhood of Divas as part of the Grandview family of donors. Although their major fundraising event was cancelled this year, they still used a portion of membership dues and 50/50 draws to to make a donation of $1,500 to Grandview Kids. Group President, Kim and Founding Member/Events Coordinator Lisa stopped by the Centre last week to safely present their gift.

“The kids [at Grandview] still need the help,” says Lisa. “We know this doesn’t change because of COVID-19.”

The Durham Divas Motorcycle Group was formed in 2004 and is currently the longest running established women’s riding group in Southern Ontario. After the sudden death of one of its founding members in 2006, Sylvia’s Ride was created as a way to give back to the community in her memory. After helping many women and children’s organizations in Durham over the years, the event now offers exclusive support to Grandview Kids.

“The vote among our members was unanimous that we stick with Grandview,” says Kim. “When my kids were young I would walk them here and my kids would play with your kids in the playground for years. I’ve always been a supporter of [Grandview Kids].”

Thank you to the Durham Divas for being such loyal and caring members of the Grandview family. We are so grateful to have your support year after year.