Message from Dr. Hunt

From Dr. Carolyn Hunt, Developmental Paediatrician at Grandview Kids:

Thank you so much for supporting Grandview in the way you do. Donations to the Foundation are vital to helping our medical team respond to the unique medical needs of our clients.

Although OHIP covers the billing costs of our doctors, their ability to interact and liaise with our whole team and lead the centre in excellence in evaluation of scientific discoveries and research opportunities, comes from the funding provided to Grandview, of which the Foundation is a key support.  

Having such a close relationship with our whole staff as well as the Foundation team allows the doctors to ensure that the Foundation is up-to-date on the latest needs of Grandview kids and trends in care and therapies. Grandview kids and their families are always offered the latest news in research and developments that might impact their future now or down the road.

The physicians are so grateful to the Foundation for helping us create that special ‘sparkle’ we call Grandview. Families come to us with very challenging situations with their children and we cherish the opportunity to be by their side on some of the darker days of their journey. We are privileged to be there to celebrate the ‘small stuff’ and the ‘big stuff’ as their child grows.