Grandview Children’s Centre: Always Prepared to Go VIRTUAL

This has been an unpredictable year, filled with surprises and the need to re-adjust to protect and encourage each other. At Grandview Children’s Centre, many changes have been necessary, including the need to take our life-changing services virtual when needed.

Thanks to our caring donors for helping to make virtual care available to Grandview kids since April 2020. To work remotely, our therapists have each had to create a safe and private space in their homes. They use headsets and laptops to privately connect with parents on the phone, email, and through telepractice. Using this approach, our OT and PT therapists are able to undertake virtual orientation sessions with new clients, and demonstrate home exercises for parents to try with their kids at home.

OT/PT Therapy Assistant Kara connects with families from home

Dr. Carolyn Hunt was also to make Grandview’s very first virtual diagnosis for autism this spring. She completed the history for Emily’s young son Brian over the phone, and after dropping off some supplies, was able to guide Brian’s parents through an assessment via video call.

Teachers at Campbell Children’s School were also able to support their students virtually from March – June using the SeeSaw app. This technology allows the teachers to present lessons, communicate with families, and share student progress with the group.

Campbell Children’ School student, Sam, learns at home

While in-person services have begun again at Grandview, the huge gains in knowledge and practice during 2020 means that the option for virtual services continues to be available if desired or needed.

“We are thrilled to be one of the teams in the province leading this work,” says Dr. Hunt. “This would not have been possible without the support of the Grandview team behind us.”

An important part of offering innovative support to children with physical, communication and development needs is to being able to adjust when circumstances call for it. This is what Grandview has done, and will continue to do using the most cutting-edge technology and caring and committed staff members.