Selling face masks = helping Grandview kids!

If you’ve been into The Glass Slipper, or Watson Farm Market in Bowmanville recently, you may have seen some face masks (made by Giselle) for sale at the cash. Did you buy one? If so, you’ve played an important role in helping Grandview kids live their best life, as all the money raised is being donated to Grandview.

This fundraising initiative came about because of a partnership between Giselle (mask maker and long-time Grandview supporter), Tami from Watson Farm Market and Marg from The Glass Slipper.

(From left to right) Tami (Watson Farm Market), Marg (The Glass Slipper) and Giselle

“It all started with Tami asking if I would make some masks for her employees,” says Giselle. “We’ve always had a craft booth at the market to support Grandview, so she asked me if I’d like to help raise money by selling masks. I thought if I could sell 100 that would be great, but so far we’ve raised more than $16,000!”

According to Tami at Watson Farm Market: “I didn’t have to think too hard about getting involved. I’ve always supported Grandview as well and I’m happy to see the money going somewhere good. As soon as the promotion was advertised on Facebook, there were a lot of people coming in saying ‘My friends went to Grandview, I’m coming in to support just for that.’ Once the kids went back to school and needed masks to wear, they wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.”

When Giselle messaged Marg at The Glass Slipper about also getting involved, her first response was that she didn’t want to make any money from it and wanted to see all the money go to Grandview.

We have such an incredible community of friends and supporters, including the three wonderful ladies involved with this initiative.

We’d like to thank Giselle for working so hard on these masks to support Grandview (and she’s got Halloween and Christmas versions in the works—so stay tuned!), as well as Tami and Marg for allowing the masks to be sold at their businesses. This is a great example of people working together to help the kids in their community.

Face mask display at The Glass Slipper

“Customer response has been quite phenomenal,” says Marg. “I put a sign up saying where the money would go, and once I told them about it I got a huge response, especially after I put it up on Facebook.”

We are so grateful that Grandview has been included in this very successful (and on-going) initiative. Giselle, Tami and Marg have shown incredible leadership in their community and we are delighted to have them on our side supporting Grandview kids. You are truly wonderful!