Update on Matthew (little boy featured in our GET ACTIVE CHALLENGE materials)

Throughout his life, four-year-old Grandview kid, Matthew has received speech, occupational, and physiotherapy at Grandview Children’s Centre.

With help from his therapists, he’s now able to say some words, count to 20, and sing the alphabet. And he’s running … a lot! In fact, Matthew would like nothing more than to open the door and run away, which means that he needs to be watched very closely at home and at school.


For fun, Matthew enjoys doing puzzles on his iPad and watching videos of automatic doors opening and closing (he is a lover of doors in general!). He’s spent the summer playing in the kiddie pool in his backyard, and running around at the park with his little sister and older foster sister.

Matthew playing in his kiddie pool in the backyard

“He’s such a kind, and exceptionally sweet, little boy,” says his mom, Marilyn. “He’ll be starting Junior Kindergarten in the fall and I think he will do really well with help from his EA.”

Matthew at the park!