“Grandview Believes in Me and I Believe in Me!”

Nine-year-old Joseph has been a Grandview kid since he was a baby, coming to Grandview for services that included speech therapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic recreation, and being a student at Campbell Children’s School. This summer, Joseph will be lacing up his walking shoes to participate in the GET ACTIVE CHALLENGE in support of Grandview Kids.

Joseph is ready to WALK!

His goal is to walk 100km to raise money for Grandview. He’ll be walking about 2-4 km every day – in his Oshawa neighbourhood and over hiking trails in the forest – and has reached out to his mom, dad, friends and aunts to sponsor him. He’s also recording his progress on his Youtube channel (see below).

Joseph is on Youtube!

“In our house, we believe that everybody has their own abilities,” says Joseph’s mom, Leanne. “Just because we can’t do something like everyone else, there is always a different way.”

Joseph’s reason for supporting wanting to support Grandview is simple but powerful: “Grandview believes in me, and I believe in me.”

Way to go, Joseph! Good luck on reaching your goal of walking 100km.

(You can sign up for the GET ACTIVE CHALLENGE by visiting https://grandviewkidsfoundation.akaraisin.com/ui/Virtualevent/get-active-challenge)