Rucking for Grandview

Grandview graduate, Sam (age 21) heard about the GET ACTIVE CHALLENGE from his friend Owen (a current Grandview kid). Being a former Grandview kid himself, Sam is always looking for ways to give back to the place that helped his family so much when he was little. He also liked that this challenge lets him get active right in his own neighbourhood.

“I decided to do walking, but I’ve taken it one step further. I will be rucking, which is walking with a loaded back pack.”

Sam believes he has about 23 pounds of weight in his pack right now. He had the idea to include hockey pucks as weight because of his job an equipment manager for the women’s hockey team at Ontario Tech (he’s felt how heavy it is to carry the puck bucket to the bench before practice).

He will be walking as far as he possibly can by the end of the summer. He’s already reached out to his friends and family for support and they’ve helped him to already surpass his fundraising goal.

“Grandview does a lot each and every day for children and youth in Durham,” says Sam. “They do a lot for the families as well. I don’t have children yet, but I know the challenges parents face from what my parents went through. It’s not easy to raise a kid with a disability.”

Sam also plans to challenge his long-time Grandview physiotherapist, Corrie to get active for Grandview by sending her a shout-out on social media.

“Corrie did a lot for me over the years,” says Sam. “It goes way beyond stretching. She always gave me the opportunity to talk about what I was going through at school and day-to-day things that were difficult for me. She’s one of the main reasons that Grandview feels like a family to me. They go beyond appointments and help you with your life.”  

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