Cerebral Palsy Won’t Stop Matthew From Getting on the Ice, Field, or Court

Grandview kid, Matthew is 13 and loves sports of all kinds. He’s never let his diagnosis of cerebral palsy hold him back from sledge hockey, golf or mountain biking and he continues to explore more sports as he discovers them. Matthew appeared in a video for Grandview almost two years ago and we recently caught up with his mom, Elise to see how he was doing.

Elise reports that Matthew is still playing sledge hockey, and he still loves it. It helps him become stronger to get on the ice regularly, which is a win-win.

Since he’s a teenager now, Matthew was recently transferred to the Abilities Centre to take advantage of Grandview programs there. He was a bit apprehensive at first because he had been coming to Grandview Children’s Centre since he was three months old, but he’s really enjoyed getting involved in new programs and the chance to meet other Grandview teens.

Matthew goes mountain biking

“It’s great that Grandview teens are able to go to Abilities Centre,” says Matthew’s mom, Elise. “We’re really excited about that programming”.

Matthew is still followed by Grandview OT/PT therapists at the Abilities Centre. Grandview staff know that he is sports-minded and always invite him to any groups that give him a chance to play a new sport at the Abilities Centre. He’s also participated in a weight program once a week, that gives him a great chance to build strength.

This fall, Matthew will start high school. For the first time, he will be attending a different school than his twin brother, and is looking forward to having only four classes a day. Matthew’s many years of therapy and support at Grandview have helped this ambitious Grandview kid to follow his dreams.

Watch Matthew’s full Grandview Kids video below:

Update: Matthew is now tearing up the trails as well as the ice