Four Questions with Grandview Graduate, Elliot

How did you get your start at Grandview? Who helped you there and with what?

I first started at Grandview when I was three years old. I got help from my occupational therapist, Kathy with my fine motor skills like cutting paper with scissors and learning how to print my name. I also got help from Dr. MacDonald my pediatrician because she helped me with my assessments and got me help with my diagnosis in order to be diagnosed with autism. Finally, I needed to get my start with writing a journal so I could get help with my fine motor skills.

How did Grandview help you set you goals of going to college?

Grandview helped me set my goals of going off to college by achieving them through my academics, getting good grades, and getting my dream job as the Youth Amplifier at JaysCare Foundation. I had to have three academic awards in order to go off to Sir Sandford Fleming College for Community Integration through Co Operative Education. I studied sports management, journalism, radio broadcasting, and music in society in Peterborough, Ontario.

What did you go to college for and what things did you learn while you were away at college?

Support workers helped me learn to look after my residence unit by doing chores so I could live on my own independently. I also did a Community Service Project by delivering pumpkins at the Pumpkin Carving Fundraiser at Halloween, Candy Grams at Christmas, and the Cody Crowley Undefeated UFC Lightweight Champion Assembly, and the CICE Charity Basketball Game where I impersonated Jack Armstrong, the announcer of Raptors Basketball on TSN.

I also did a radio show through Fleming College’s Student Beat that was going on around the campus as well. Finally, I helped out at Vinnie’s Thrift Store by stocking used goods and placing used clothes on racks. I also did a co-op at the Peterborough Memorial Centre home of the Ontario Hockey League Peterborough Pete’s. Therefore, my time at Fleming College was a milestone to be never forgotten because I had to show people that I am a strong person who can do hard things.

What piece of advice would you give to Grandview kids so they can reach their dreams too?

The piece of advice that I would give to Grandview is that in order to be strong, you have to show other people out in the community you can do hard things. I would give this piece of advice because the more a big guy like me has muscles and has also achieved more over the years, the more a younger Grandview child will become successful when they graduate from Grandview.