Gavin is Growing Up Healthy

It’s been almost two years since Grandview kid, Gavin appeared in Grandview’s video that focused on his dream of becoming a chef. Today, he’s 11 years old and in grade five. He would still like to be a chef when he grows up, but is also interested in various other professions such as engineer, writer, artist . . . and the list goes on!

One of Gavin’s main goals these days is to be really healthy and physically fit. It’s not uncommon for him to call his mum or dad into the living room to watch him do push-ups or sit-ups. His parents are working on creating a home gym for him in the basement so he can do targeted exercise daily.

“He understands that the stronger his body, the more likely he will be able to walk with canes instead of using a walker,” says his mom, Heather.

Gavin recently doing some baking at home

With the warmer weather here, Gavin has also been able to get back out to riding his bike, and playing in the backyard. His indoor activities include reading the Harry Potter Books (he’s on book #5), and playing video games with his twin brother.

Like most kids, Gavin has been missing his friends and recreational activities while he’s been off from school the past few months. According to Heather, the Grandview team has been checking in with their family often to make sure that Gavin, and the rest of the family are managing well during this time.

Gavin and his twin brother, Hayden

“The Grandview team has really stepped up to do what they can for clients,” says Heather. “We have been fortunate to still access care at Grandview with phone calls, Zoom meetings and emails from the medical staff, physiotherapy and occupational therapists.