Helping Grandview Families — From a Distance!

The recent events in our world have forced many of us to re-adjust the way we work – this includes Grandview therapists.

Recent provincial direction allows Grandview to resume in person care where possible. As we are planning how to do so safely, staff at Grandview are continuing to find other ways to support families, by paying attention to their individual needs and preferences. Since mid-March, this has included providing email and phone support, offering ideas for exercises kids can do at home, or sending work sheets related to a child’s goals

To work remotely, our therapists have each had to create a safe and private space in their homes. They use headsets and laptops to privately connect with parents on the phone, email, and through telepractice.

Here’s a peek into some of the activities that have been taking place:

– Two occupational therapists at Grandview recently completed a virtual OT orientation session with new Grandview clients. The session was very successful, with a total of 9 families logging in to hear more about how OT can help their child work toward meeting his or her potential.  

– OT/PT Therapy Assistant Kara, has been working with a small group of Grandview therapists to create Youtube videos that show parents how they can help their child with specific skills like drawing lines or cutting. The videos will then be made available to all Grandview therapists, to be used with families when needed.

OT/PT Therapy Assistant Kara connects with families from home.

– Grandview school-based occupational therapist, Evelyn, has also been doing her best to connect with the children she assists throughout the school year. She’s had a small group of parents who have requested support and consultation over the phone, by email or through video. She’s undertaken a couple video sessions to demonstrate things like pencil grasp skills and making a makeshift slant board.

One mom was so excited and grateful for my help, that she followed up with a photo showing the progress her son had made at home. I’m very grateful that we’ve still been able to touch base and make connections with our families.” — Evelyn, OT (School-based rehab)

– OT/PT Assistant Caitlyn has continued to provide therapy to Grandview kids by creating worksheets and home exercise programs tailored to children’s specific goals, calling to check in with families to see how their child is doing and providing consultations and treatment sessions through video on her laptop.

– One of the girls that Caitlyn works with is doing particularly well at home. Her older sister, mom, and dad are working hard with her to practice printing letters using the strategies and support provided. Because her family is helping to motivate her and keep learning a fun experience, this Grandview kid is still making many gains.