We’re Looking for 62 Caring Donors in 2020!

Every day at Grandview Kids, children and youth are learning to do something new that will help them live their best life.

It might be something like holding a pencil, drawing a circle, or taking a step. It could also mean words being spoken for the first time, a smile to mom when a goal is completed, or the excited realization that “Hey, I can do that!

Grandview Kids relies on our community to help offer programs and services to children and youth all across Durham Region. We’re the only children’s treatment centre in Durham Region, and right now, there are 17,000 kids in need of help with 8,000 waiting for services.

In order to get Grandview kids into therapy faster, we’ve set a goal of raising an extra $15,000 to put toward current programs and services each year.

 To get 2020 started out right, we’re looking for 62 donors to make a gift of $20.20 every month. Will you become part of this group by joining our Life Changers monthly giving program today? Your contribution of only 67¢ a day will help Grandview kids to follow their dreams.

It’s amazing what 62 donors like you—working together in 2020—can accomplish. An additional $1,250 per month for Grandview Children’s Centre, could mean that children and youth are into therapy faster, and receive the help they need to follow their dreams for tomorrow.

Learn more at: https://www.grandviewkidsfoundation.ca/62in2020/