Living Her Best Life

Holly’s mom Kristen brought her to Grandview Children’s Centre when she was 18 months old. Holly wasn’t saying any words and Kristen was concerned. Holly received speech therapy at Grandview, and soon enough, the words came. After being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, Holly also received occupational therapy that helped her practice the activities of daily living, which helped her prepare for her dream of becoming a firefighter when she grows up.

You may have seen the video with Holly at the fire station, filmed a year and a half ago. Holly is now five and still wants to be a firefighter someday, often wearing her firefighter suit around the house.

“We are so thankful to Grandview,” says Kristen. “Without them, we would have been lost. Holly wasn’t speaking at all when we first came to the Centre, and our speech therapist was so patient with her. We have done everything that was recommended to us and have seen such a change in her.”

Today, Holly is speaking in full sentences and even singing every chance she gets. She is a lover of the movie Frozen—particularly the sequel—and is constantly serenading her family with its songs.

Holly is also enthusiastically enjoying being in SK this year. She has many stories to tell her mom about her adventures in the classroom with her new best friends. Her days at home are spent playing games and having fun with her older sister, Lily.

 “She used to be so shy and reserved, she wouldn’t have talked to anyone,” Kristin says. “Her time at Grandview Children’s Centre has helped to turn her into a totally different child.”