Ross Mackie: Caring Friend to Grandview Kids

The Mackie family has a long history of contributing to the strength of Durham Region. It started with a family farm, having cattle and growing tomatoes, and grew into a trucking company that is now more than 90 years old.

For Ross Mackie, his love of trucks started in the shed of his family farm where he’d go out to visit his family’s new tractor as a young boy and climb up to sit on the top of it. “I’ve always really loved the smell of gasoline,” says Ross, who today is an accomplished businessman and valued friend of Grandview Kids.

Ross Mackie beside the first truck he ever restored: a 1948 single axle GMC tractor once owned by GM Canada founder R. Sam McLaughlin. Credit:

Ross’s life path didn’t take a typical route. He got expelled from school when he was only 16 and soon headed out on a trip to Whitehorse with a friend. His love of road trips and cross country travelling began with this adventure, and upon returning to Durham Region, he started working in the family trucking business which was once known as Mackie The Mover.

“Over the years, I saw the company continue to get bigger and bigger,” says Ross. “I’ve loved the business and interacting with the people in the industry. It’s all been quite exciting and wonderful.”

It’s important for Mackie Group—which today includes Mackie Transportation Inc., Mackie Moving Systems and Mackie Harley-Davidson—to give back to the community that built them. This culture of giving is what has inspired Ross to give generously to Grandview Kids. There are also two Mackie tractor trailers that run up and down the highway every day done up with Grandview graphics. Seeing these trucks makes Ross and the entire Mackie family so proud to be associated with an organization like Grandview Kids.

The Mackie truck raising awareness of Grandview Kids!

“Coming to [Grandview Children’s Centre] has been a real highlight for me,” says Ross. “There are really great things happening here every day.”

Text Box: Ross meets with Grandview kid, Chase
Ross meets Grandview kid, Cruz at Campbell Children’s School

Ross’s son, Dean describes his dad as a kind, generous, honest, and sincere businessman who truly cares about his customers and contributing to his community in a positive way. Dean’s grandson, Caleb came to Grandview for speech therapy, which has contributed to the Mackie Family’s desire to help other kids live their best life.  

If Ross had to give advice to young people today, he would say: “Commit yourself to whatever your dreams are, work hard, and don’t give up.”

According to Dean, this advice is right in line with who his dad his. “My dad always believed in himself and everyone around him,” says Dean. “Whether it was managers or suppliers at all levels, he never had any ego when dealing with people.”

Thank you, Ross for your incredible friendship to Grandview Kids. Our community is stronger because of your generosity and hard work.