DWWAP Gives Back to Grandview Kids—In Such An Inspiring Way!

The on-site therapy pool at Grandview is a safe and positive place where kids can comfortably experience the joy of being in the water. For the last 20 years, members of the Durham Warm Water Aquatic Program (DWWAP) have also been using our pool to hold exercise classes for seniors. Every week, DWWAP holds eight classes for up to 96 people, giving their members a chance to relieve pain and build strength, while also taking into consideration their individual physical needs.

“These classes have kept me out of a wheelchair,” says Joy Higgins, President of DWWAP. “Exercising in the water gives you more of the benefit without as much effort.”

Grandview’s heated pool is the only one available for DWWAP to use in Durham Region. The members love having the chance to cross paths with Grandview kids, or see them peeking in through the round windows overlooking the pool. Having their classes at Grandview also offers a unique opportunity for intergenerational interaction between seniors and children.

When DWWAP—a registered charity—received a H.S.T. tax refund, its members knew right away what they should do with the money. They came to Grandview Kids with a very generous $5,000 donation to be put toward supporting Grandview’s life-changing programs and services for children and youth.

“Grandview has supported us so much,” says Arlene Inkster, Chair of DWWAP. “We are always looking to give back as much as we can.”

Thank you DWWAP for making this very generous gift to Grandview Kids. It’s a pleasure to have you as part of the Grandview community.