Meet Erica and her five Grandview kids

After her son Jackson was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age two, Erica —a single mother of six—learned that four of her other children also had neurological differences.

According to Erica, receiving diagnoses for five children that included social anxiety, ADHD, selective mutism, developmental coordination disorder, and dyslexia, initially made her feel lost and overwhelmed. She had no idea what to do next, or how to help her kids.

Fortunately, Erica was able to bring her children to Grandview Children’s Centre, where she found a supportive network of people who would offer the kindness and knowledge her family needed. “It was so overwhelming and isolating at first, to not know the best way to help my children, who I love so much,” says Erica.  

There was a time when Erica’s three-year-old son Jackson couldn’t string a complete sentence together. Thanks to speech therapy at Grandview, his communication skills have improved greatly. Sometimes, he’ll even tell her: “I love Grandview!

Jackson doesn’t realize he’s going to therapy. He just loves being in such a fun, supportive place several times a week. Erica never wants to let her children’s diagnoses prevent them from being happy and joyful. The family balances on-going appointments with times of freedom where they are able to dance, laugh, play, and let their creativity flow.

“My babies have learned a lot since our very first therapy appointment at Grandview Children’s Centre. In fact, this entire place has surrounded us all like a warm hug. We’ve found a network of parents and staff whose kindness and knowledge has lifted us up during every challenge.”

Erica knows that with help from Grandview Kids, her children will have every chance of reaching their dreams in the future.

“My kids are each so unique and amazing in their own way,” she says. “I know they are more empowered for tomorrow, simply because they are Grandview kids. Through therapy, they are learning how to be the best they can be, so they can someday grow into independent adults.” 

Three-year-old Jackson dreams of becoming a heavy equipment operator.