An Inspiring Swim for Grandview Kids

William is only eight-years-old but he’s already become a fundraising champion for the Grandview Kids. Last summer, William decided he wanted to swim across the lake at his family’s trailer in Haliburton as a way to raise money for all the kids who come to Grandview. You see, William’s little brother is a Grandview Kid—he receives speech, physio, and occupational therapy, and also attends Campbell Children’s School. William’s parents were so proud of him for wanting to undertake his own fundraising campaign for his new “charity of choice”—they knew they had to help him make his dream come true!

William set a goal of raising $500 and he collected pledges for his swim by going door-to-door to nearby trailers at the lake and asking family and friends to add their support. In the end, William far surpassed his fundraising goal, raising $3,000 for Grandview Kids. His dedication to this pursuit is inspiring, and demonstrates just how much one person (or child!) can achieve when they put their mind to it.

On the day of William’s big swim, he swam almost one kilometer, all on his own. Each time his little arms moved through the water during his 35-minute swim, his commitment to Grandview grew stronger and stronger. Want to see for yourself? A short video has been made about William’s adventure in the video below.

Thank you for believing in Grandview Kids, William! We’re so proud of you for making this happen.